Electrodes, welding wire

You can purchase the necessary welding materials:

  • electrodes for welding carbon and low alloy steels
  • electrodes for welding high alloy steels
  • electrodes covered welding of dissimilar materials
  • electrodes for welding of non-alloy structural steels
  • welding wire for welding in shielding gases
  • flux cored wire
  • wire for welding flux
  • welding rods

Welding materials from the best manufacturers: ESAB.Kobelko.SZSM,lez,Spetselektrod,Insulectro,BMS,CHZSM,BMK.MMK.

Here you can buy the following types

Всю информацию по товару и ЦЕНЕ вы можете уточнить у менеджера по телефону 8-910-889-66-77.

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