Competition in shooting from an air rifle among enterprises

Dzerzhinsky Foca Oka on may 14 held a regular stage of the sports contest, a competition in shooting from an air rifle among the enterprises of the city of Dzerzhinsk.

The championship was attended by the strongest team of shooters from the enterprises of the city. Every athlete has felt the full responsibility, knowing that they are fighting not only for themselves but also for their partner, contributing to the common Fund.
After the greeting, the chief judge of competitions Agarkov Artem announced the order of the competitions, paying special attention to security measures when shooting at targets. The competition was held at a distance of 10 meters, at targets, the result consisted of 5 scoring shots, plus each athlete was given three sighting shots. In the individual competition, the best result was shown by the employee of our company"Netsnap" she got 43 points from 48 possible,this is the best result in the city.

Team places were distributed as follows:

1 place took the team "Sverdlov"

2nd place - "SIBUR"

3rd place went to the team of the research Institute of Polymers.

Unfortunately, in the team competition "Netsnap" has not occupied prize-winning places.

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