For labor and defense ready!

Employees of group of companies "Netsnap" took part in the delivery standards TRP. Team "Netsnap" once again proved that sports and a healthy lifestyle on the same wavelength. The TRP is a complete software and regulatory framework of physical education of the population aimed at the development of mass sports and health improvement of the nation. The movement of the TRP provides for preparation for and actual performance of a population of different age groups (from 6 to 70 years and older) the regulatory requirements for the three levels of difficulty corresponding to gold, silver and bronze insignia "Ready for labor and defense" (TRP).

Just the delivery standards TRP from "Metsnab" involved 12 employees, this is the first experience of the company and employees in this event! Sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, so the company "Netsnap" supports the initiative of employees and encourages the participants for taking part in sports activities! For reference for the delivery standards TRP on a Gold badge, the employee receives 15,000 thousand rubles, for silver 10000 thousand rubles for bronze 5000 thousand rubles, a good motivation for the sports, agree?!Follow our news and soon you will find out the results of our members!

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