They need your help

The Nizhny Novgorod boarding school №1

This is a special institution for children that appeared in difficult life situation. Basically there are orphans, children left without parental care.

Nikita Kiselev

Nikita pupil SDUSHOR "torpedo" born in 2001, he is with 6 years of experience in hockey. 27 Dec 2016 during exercise Nikita felt unwell, turned to honey. the point where and lost consciousness, his heart stopped.

DSHI "Constellation"

Charitable Foundation "life Force" renders the charitable help to children's art school "Constellation" every year since 2012. Past spending on charity care is allocated from the funds of the group of companies of metabrom, and in 2018, the school already has a charitable Foundation of the life force, is created by holding.

Provide assistance to athletes and sports organizations in Nizhny Novgorod region

It is important that all starts were successful, and finishes victorious and prosperous. To the lack of funding did not become an insurmountable obstacle for the development of talented athletes who have always been in our country.