Nikita Kiselev

Nikita pupil SDUSHOR "torpedo" born in 2001, he is with 6 years of experience in hockey. 27 Dec 2016 during exercise Nikita felt unwell, turned to honey. the point where and lost consciousness, his heart stopped. Nikita was taken to the intensive care unit of City Clinical Hospital №1 with a diagnosis of Vasospastic angina. Not Q infectionantibiotics-apical zone with incomplete blockade of the left bundle branch block p. the legs, the acute phase. Sudden cardiac death. Postresuscitation disease. Post hypoxic encephalopathy. Swelling of the brain. Coma of the 1st degree. He suffered a cardiac arrest with severe diffuse lesion of cortical-podmoskovnyj parts of the brain with inhibition of mental functions to the level of unresponsive wakefulness.

From December 2016 to February 2017. Nikita was in the intensive care unit of City Clinical Hospital №1. Then Nikita was hospitalized in the Russian Scientific Research Institute. A. L. Polenov Saint Petersburg. After research Institute. A. L. Polenov, Nikita was sent to rehabilitation in Kolpino, 22 hospital.

Nikita had an operation for establishment of the shunt and gastrostomy.

More than a month Nikita was in a coma. Then, the condition has stabilized, Nikita came out of the coma and moved into a "Vegetative state", then it is the condition of "Small consciousness".

Nikita was very tough, but he's a fighter, he never gave up! Having collected all will in a fist, through the pain, Nikita began to learn everything again. Open your eyes, turning your head to follow the movements of raising hands, feet. Re-learning to laugh, to eat in the Lodge, to sit, to make sounds.

In order to make rehabilitation successful family Nikita began to seek medical centers that help in this difficult matter. After a long search it was decided what to go for treatment in Spain in a Institute named "Gutman"is one of the most famous medical institutions in Europe in addition, Thanks to progress in practical work and research personnel of the Institute of neurorehabilitation Gutman, he was included in one of the most prestigious Spanish universities – the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) on the rights of the faculty . Rehabilitation clinic was worth turn expensive and it was decided to appeal to the charity Fund "LIFE FORCE", our Foundation received a cry of help from family Nikita and we immediately responded in September 2017 Nikita with her Mother went to Spain.

And now, after two months of rehabilitation in Spain, a miracle happened, Nikita stood on his feet and can now even walk without support! Now the task of doctors support the results that they have achieved and to bring Nikita out of "Small consciousness". This requires sessions with a psychologist, neurologist, speech pathologist. Also required classes fizioterapii.
Rehabilitation costs a lot of money and the family Nikita't afford it. Nikita athlete , he is a fighter and used to fight , but he needs your help.