Provide assistance to athletes and sports organizations in Nizhny Novgorod region

It is important that all starts were successful, and finishes victorious and prosperous. To the lack of funding did not become an insurmountable obstacle for the development of talented athletes who have always been in our country. Charitable Foundation "life Force" provides charitable assistance to athletes from the Nizhny Novgorod region, at the moment, from year to year we help the children's school goalies hockey club torpedo and Dzerzhinsky children's Hockey club HC "Dzerzhinsk" and various sports organizations are in need of constant funding for the development of young athletes and participate in competitions! For us there are no minor or another troubles. Every athlete, every sports destiny for us a value, worthy of special attention.

Also important activity of the Fund is to support athletes of the older generation. Attracting them as the professional coaches and mentors. We strive to provide the continuity with veterans of the sport. A close relationship with their families will allow us time to respond and to provide them with timely and necessary assistance.

We invite to cooperation of like-minded people interested in the development of sports and promoting the health of the nation.

The Fund will be aimed at implementing measures to assist and support athletes.