Completion of construction projects

Complex supply of building objects with materials for internal and external engineering systems. We equip with materials as small building objects (private or multi-apartment houses), and large industrial enterprises.

We supply products in the following directions

Valves, cranes, valves, valves, regulators, elevators, pipeline parts, electric drives.
Water meter, gas meter, heat meter.
Aluminum, cast iron, bimetallic, steel, panel.
Pumps household, industrial, pumps for crimping heating systems.
Gas regulation points and installations, insulating joints, thermo-locking valves, gas pressure regulators, gas valves, gas filters.
Fire cabinet, trunks, hydrants, sleeves, connecting fittings.

Our advantages

Official dealers of enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

We spend construction-assembly works

Complete set of construction projects, wholesale organizations and enterprises

Order a complete set of construction objects

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