Primary materials

Zinc, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, silicon, nickel. In stock and on order. Manufactured in accordance with GOST.

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Has high strength combined with low density, a satisfactory corrosion resistance, good formability by casting, pressure and cutting; possibility of connection of aluminum parts in various structures by welding, soldering, gluing and other ways; the ability to apply protective and decorative coatings.
Characterized by softness, ductility, malleability, strength. Has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Used in electrical industry for the manufacture of gutters and troughs, is used in shipbuilding, chemical and food industry, in the production of decorative products, for the manufacture of kettles, heat exchangers, utensils.
Zinc adds strength and durability to the alloy simplifies the casting process. Resistant to corrosion, wear, has excellent antifriction properties. Used in shipbuilding, for the production of specific equipment, rolling mills, capable of operating at temperatures over 300 degrees.
Used to manufacture wafers for batteries (about 30% of smelted lead), electric cables shells, protection against gamma radiation (walls made of lead bricks), as a component of printing and anti-friction alloys, semiconductor materials.
Used for the production of cathode sheets, strips, plates, trimmings, pellets and ingots used in the metallurgical industry for alloying steel, alloys production and other industries.
Silicon and silicon alloys are widely used in electronics, instrument making, for the manufacture of semiconductor devices. Silicon compounds used for the manufacture of high temperature semiconductors.
Primarily used as a safe, corrosion resistant coating. The main industrial application of tin for the manufacture of food containers, in solders for electronics, home pipes, in bearing alloys and the coating of tin and its alloys.
Used for the production of light and ultralight casting alloys (aircraft, car manufacturing) as well as in pyrotechnics and military Affairs for the manufacture of illuminating and incendiary missiles.