Purchase of scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals

Throughout the Nizhny Novgorod region. Cashless and cash payment, favorable price, payment on the spot. Own equipment and vehicles. Dismantling and self-delivery of any metal structures within one day.

The actual price is by phone +7 910 790-04-84

The rate of sales of non-ferrous metals according to LME on 06.06.2023

We accept

Our advantages

Any kinds of metal

We accept any kinds of metals.

Special machinery for loading and unloading works

Gantry crane 10 t,
electronic vehicles up to 80  t.,
high-tech suspension cranes and forklift trucks.


The special brigade performs dismantling of metal structures and cutting metal on the customer's premises.


Export of scrap metal by special transport.

Accuracy of measurements

Measurement by modern vehicles up to 80 t

Efficiency of admission

We'll load it ourselves and take it out.

Cash and non-cash payment

We pay immediately.

How is the scrap reception procedure?

  1. Application
    The application can be left on by phone +7 (831) 262-16-16 or by e-mail.
  2. Coming-out
    We ourselves ship and export scrap at a volume: black - from 3 tons, color - from 300 kg.
  3. Weighing
    For the accuracy of scoring we weigh on stationary scales at your base.
  4. Payment
    Immediately after weighing, we pay in cash or transfer money in a way convenient for you

Price for additional services

ServicePrice including VAT, rub.
Weighing of vehicles:
cargo motor transport from 3,500 t830
passenger cars, commercial vehicles up to 3,500 tons590
Chemical analysis of metal830 / test
Radiation background check240 / test
Dismantling of metal structuresContract price

Leave a request for the export of scrap metal

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Kalyakin Nikolay Vyacheslavovich