We accept scrap metal at the high price!
The price can be learn by phone +7 910 790-04-84

Types of black scrap:

  • Iron scrap: mill scale, waste molding, exhaust life of the product.
  • Cast iron scrap: turnings, casting wastes, etc.
  • stainless steel scrap: scrap, used products.
  • Accept all kinds of black scrap.

The reception of black Loma is made according to the following scheme:

  • our employees come to your facility to assess the cost of your raw materials and amount of work necessary for its removal;
  • produced by the dismantling of structures, if required, then produce the loading and export of raw materials;
  • we export scrap metal from objects own transport, so the issues of delivery will not bother you;
  • money for black scrap you can get cash immediately or to execute the contract of cashless payment.

Contact us, and the staff is ready to take black metal in the most convenient time for you!

The advantage of working with us has been appreciated by many companies in the region, and you try.

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