Recycle and make a car in the scrap at high prices!
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Contact our company for assistance in disposing of unwanted vehicles, you can count on the following conditions:

  • Clock work – particularly relevant for the dignity of Dzerzhinsk and Nizhny Novgorod region, since transportation to perform better in off-hours to avoid traffic jams and to save on shipping.
  • The minimum weight of the car which we can collect and dispose of is just 1 ton under these characteristics fall even budget compacts.
  • The use of modern multipurpose equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, barges, which significantly simplify the process of transporting vehicles to the disposal site.
  • Accept cars in scrap at high prices, the money from when renting a car.
  • A quick consultation and operational check-out equipment – you can leave the application on our website and within 15 minutes you will call specialist, and an hour later will leave the machinery to the place of loading of the vehicle.
    Call +7 910 790-04-84