We accept non-ferrous metal Scrap at a high price!+7 910 790-04-84

The company Vtormetservis accepts all types of scrap non-ferrous metals!

We are working with companies and individuals ready to accept the non-ferrous metal scrap of following types:

  • aluminium;
  • stainless steel;
  • brass;
  • copper;
  • cable breakage;
  • Any other types of non-ferrous scrap.

Implemented the export of scrap from the customer's premises by our own transport.

Specially equipped for loading and unloading the platform allows you to quickly take a large number of raw materials from our customers.

All procedures associated with the transportation themselves, including the design and coordination of accompanying documents. Rent special equipment for loading operations.

Weighing on certified electronic scales gives precision to the gram.

On the actual results of acceptance is executed immediate payment of the entire amountdue to the customer.

Employees of the company provide expert advice on the basis and with departure on object of the customer.

To take the scrap at a high price by phone +7 910 790-04-84