Secured Parking

Company Netsnap offers you guarded Parking lot.

Why birati our Parking lot?

  • The location is great Parking, just 5 km from the Federal highway of m 7, it will help you to simplify and reduce the cost of logistics;
  • The whole territory of Parking of trucks securely guarded, that guarantees the safety of both equipment and cargo;
  • The availability of truck stops at any time, even at night, weekends or holidays, makes it easier to plan delivery dates
  • The ability to Park any equipment, even a special, bulky, etc.

In order to use the service truck stops, just call the number listed on the home page or in the section "Contacts". Qualified staff will answer all your questions and help you sign a contract as quickly as possible. Also ordering is possible via e-mail.

Price: 300 rubles for 1 day.